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Lost Levels Photo Essay
Second Segment Speakers

Raw Material to Make Your Own (and notes on this gallery maker stuff)

Lost Levels was broken into three temporal chunks (separated by fifteen minute breaks) and three spatial locations (each with its own tarp). It started with a poster board and post-it notes scrawled with the title of each volunteer speakerís five minutes-or-so talk. Sometimes they had notes and sometimes it was extemporaneous. Sometimes people yelled and sometimes they led conversations. They sat or they stood and their audience did the same.

Movement. Enthusiasm. Anger stemming from frustrated hope. Thatís what I saw. Thatís what I tried to document.

I hope I didnít let you down.

(unfortunately I was only there for the middle set of speakers: I tried to get at least one photo of each person giving their talk. I apologize if I missed yours. I know Iím poorer for it.)