Lost Levels | Lost Levels Photo Gallery | Brian Taylor
So, here's the deal. Lost Levels was an unconference, and so I thought that letting people build their own photo essays out of my images was a good idea. You may find juxtapositions and sequences that reflect your experience and are completely different from mine. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

When you click on images, they'll be added to the essay below. You can remove an image by clicking its "remove" link. When you're finished, click "share" to open a new window to your essay. The interface is wonky, but this is an experiment!

mea culpa: None of the images have alt text, and so it's not accessible to screen-readers. Weighing different options on how to best handle that.

Don't feel like picking photos? This will pick nine for you! Just give it a title and share!
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