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Pittsburgh City Paper – Wooden Wand

Last December, NPR’s music blog ran an essay titled “That’s a Bad Lyric and You Know It.” In it, writer James Jackson Toth (who releases music under the name Wooden Wand) calls out songs by several contemporary acts, including Best Coast, Haim and The Black Keys: “I don’t know the writers of these songs personally, […]


11 Best Dogs in Games List I wrote for Paste

Columns – Binary Mortal at Paste

Learning to Let Go: Time and Memory in Games – 04/03/2014 Gaming About Architecture with Metro: Last Light – 1/31/2014 Crunch Time: Working Overtime to Kill You – 11/12/2013

The Last of Us and Pittsburgh: Real Game Worlds

(A longish essay for Paste about The Last of Us and its construction of Pittsburgh) I learned to take photographs in Pittsburgh. Its topography taught me how to compose a complex image: houses clinging to hillsides, bridges across rivers and valleys. Uneven and winding terrain meant that no matter where I looked, there were always […]

Lawrenceville – August 15, 2013
Lawrenceville - August 15, 2013
It Is Very Dark in the SF MOMA
It Is Very Dark in the SF MOMA


Game. Over.

Super Hexagon tournament at GDC 2013. It killed my camera. But then I bought a new camera.

Jenny Owen Youngs at Brillobox
Jenny Owen Youngs at Brillobox

Friend Jenny Owen Youngs played at Brillobox‘s in Lawrenceville last night. She led an a capella disney sing-a-long.

Harlan Twins et al at the North Side Elks
images of Pittsburgh from the Library of Congress archives
images of Pittsburgh from the Library of Congress archives

I spent a few hours this weekend digging through the Library of Congress’s photographic digital collections, pulling out photos of Pittsburgh I really like and touching them up as a bit of practice. Might have some prints made.

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